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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Loops & Tings

I want to kick myself for missing this duo this past weekend as they played a set at Nicci Beach next to Wild Waters in Boksburg. The Prodigy gig on Saturday night destroyed my body although this was the best type of destruction you could ask for.

These two artists have come a long way in a rather short time. They’ve done the theme tune to Tomorrowland and well, go search on YouTube for videos from some of their parties – unbelievable.

I am kicking myself for missing out but I’m sure I will see them somewhere around the world. Anyway, this song actually is a bit of a cover version of a song by Jens from 1998. This is significant as this is a nice introduction to Covers Week which starts on Monday. You WILL enjoy it. In the meantime, get ready for the weekend with this tune.


Yomanda – Synth & Strings

Even though my song selection from the last two weeks would probably not give you any clue to this, I am a HUGE fan of good EDM. EDM is actually a pretty new acronym that (more or less correctly) describes electronic dance music. One of the terms that does irk me is when people use the word “house” as a blanket term to describe EDM. Technically, most EDM does fall under the banner of house music but I guess my mind defaults to a certain type of music when someone mentions house. It’s just a personal thing.

The man behind this track is a pioneer of dance music: Paul Masterson. He played quite a big role in the development of dance music and although its very much quiet. He has racked up 18 Top 30 hits in the UK under different guises. Dance music would be very different without him.

This track is from 1999 and if you’re South African, you would recognise it from the quite legendary complication album Bump 5. Yes, just reading that would probably take you back to a very different time in your life. The version on the album was a slowed down version which only reached its climax at the end of the song. This one reaches that point twice. It reached an impressive #8 in the UK mostly thanks to how huge it was in Ibiza that year. It really is a classic dance choon!