Blur – Music is my Radar

It was quite difficult choosing a first song to feature. But this song by Blur does have something special about it. Originally released in October 2000, this song reached #10 on the UK Charts. It really is one of the oddest Blur songs (in my opinion) and they have come up with some pretty weird songs. So that is saying quite a lot. I am quite surprised that it charted that high.

It was also the last Blur song to feature guitarist Graham Coxon. I think he actually released his own single in the same month that this song was released. It’s also unavailable on any of their studio albums which makes owning the single that much better. However, it was included on the Blur 21 box set which I really want to get my hands on.

I chose this song because of the title. That’s it. Music is a radar. Do I even need to explain this further? Enjoy the video. It’s pretty awesome.