REM – It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

No real surprise with this song. Today, the world ends. Which is why I’ve not actually lined up any songs for next week! That, and I’m on holiday so I decided to take a little break from this.

This song is probably the most famous REM song partly due to so many loons predicting the end of the world. It ends up being played year after year whenever there is some catastrophe predicted. Or natural disaster. I think many people played it when Justin Bieber announced his tour to South Africa. Oddly enough, Justin Bieber’s cover of the song is going to be played today on the show ‘The High School Life.” Yes, the world truly is ending when he gets hold of such a classic song.

They sadly did not play this song at the Durban concert in 2005 although they did play “Find the River” at that concert which was pretty damn awesome. That does prove huge ass signs with the song name on it sometimes works.

Chart wise, this song did not do well at all even though it is such an epic piece of music. It reached its peak of #39 in the UK and it didn’t fare much better in on the Billboard Charts. I find that odd. I wonder if Michael Stipe was influenced by the whole rap phenomenon with his rather fast singing style. He did sound better than most rappers of the time…

I do suspect a surge in downloads of this song this week so it might cause a surprise and chart higher in the UK. That would be quite cool.