Dave Brubeck – Take Five

Back when I was at the University of KwaZulu Natal, they regularly held these jazz concerts. Getting to these was virtually impossible as every week, these would get sold out. At the head was one Darius Brubeck. Not knowing much about jazz, I schemed he was just a really well locally trained jazz artist.

I recall attending one jazz show which was totally out of this world. I cannot explain how great this concert was. I can’t truly remember the concert itself but I remember that experience as if its embalmed into the essence of my body. Does jazz do this to you?

It’s probably because it was from the school of Dave Brubeck. I’ve only recently discovered the sweet music that he’s gifted us.┬áDarius is his son.

Dave passed away at the age of 92 of 5 December 2012. The world has lost something so special.

Time magazine and The Guardian should run some great obituaries for him soon. Do get hold of these. Till then, just listen to his most famous composition…

RIP Dave