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St. Lucia – September

This is definitely one of the best songs I’ve heard this year.

South Africa is blessed to be home to the Drakensberg Boys Choir. They’ve travelled the world leaving audiences in awe every where they go. Jean Grobler is a recent alumni of the school and the face behind St. Lucia. Being a Jozi boy, you KNOW he picked the name because of iSimangaliso Wetland Park which was known as St. Lucia even though he probably tells a different story to the American music press. I find this pretty cool.

Apart from probably the best classical training one could ask for at the school, he left South Africa to study music in Liverpool. After being there, I definitely recommend it as a great place to find inspiration. He then moved to New York and released this KILLER track from his self-titled debut album. I really need to get a copy of this.

The sound harks back to heavy 80s electro. The modern electronics sound like a HUGE trance tune by Armin Van Buurin and John ‘o Callaghan. Then the lyrics hit all I could think of is Depeche Mode, just better. The vocal acrobatics are exciting. The power of the song is immense. I want more and more of his music! Take a listen and see what South Africa can actually produce…

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Alexi Murdoch – All My Days

Today’s post was supposed to be a guest post but that has been delayed. I had not lined up a song so I was in a bit of a pickle! So the methodology I used today was to go to my Facebook Timeline and use the first song that popped up.

I’ve never heard this track before but its really quite nice. I am a big fan of folk music and this fits right in. It is from 2006 which was a year with quite a lot of indie gems. I’ve not actually looked up this dude but if you like him, maybe you should…

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Coldplay – Amsterdam

I was never a huge fan of Coldplay.

Then I saw them live and life changed.

The show at Soccer City was beautiful. It touched you and made you believe in music again. Whereas before, one complained about Chris Martin’s suicidal whining, when sung live, it resembled the voices of angels. Not a single person in that crowd will ever forget how magical that experience was. Oddly enough, the live album of the tour has been released this week. I highly recommend that you purchase it. Better still, get the Blu-ray and experience it in HD.

One song they did not sing at the concert is my favourite by them. The song is so titled as they were in Amsterdam when the song was written. Its a haunting song with piano work that makes you shiver. The song is ultimately about hope. At the end of it, you feel this hope. You feel this specialness.

A Rush of Blood to the Head, the album containing the song as it was not released as a single, is actually my least favourite album by them. I find the songs way too raw and difficult to listen to. In my opinion, this song is MILES ahead of the rest of the album. If you have seen this song live, I am currently cursing you.


Blur – Music is my Radar

It was quite difficult choosing a first song to feature. But this song by Blur does have something special about it. Originally released in October 2000, this song reached #10 on the UK Charts. It really is one of the oddest Blur songs (in my opinion) and they have come up with some pretty weird songs. So that is saying quite a lot. I am quite surprised that it charted that high.

It was also the last Blur song to feature guitarist Graham Coxon. I think he actually released his own single in the same month that this song was released. It’s also unavailable on any of their studio albums which makes owning the single that much better. However, it was included on the Blur 21 box set which I really want to get my hands on.

I chose this song because of the title. That’s it. Music is a radar. Do I even need to explain this further? Enjoy the video. It’s pretty awesome.