Robbie Rivera – Sex

It’s Friday so we need to get into a funky mood for the weekend. Mostly so that we don’t use the word funky to describe the weekend. I don’t think anyone in the last few years has used that word and then proceeded to have a funky weekend. It’s the world’s way of telling you DO NOT USE THAT WORD!

Music is synonymous with sexy music. There are many songs that you listen to and are immediately put in the mood to make love. Others make you feel like you really need to engage in unadulterated, mischievous behaviour. We can trust Robbie Rivera to go one better.

In 2002, he unashamedly released a song called, “Sex,” with lyrics that go, “Any time, anywhere, right now, oh yeah.” What more do you want? It’s a belter of a tune and one that will get you moving. What this movement may be is another issue.

Robbie is an absolute dance music legends. Since 1996, he has released around 80 singles! The single only reached #55 in the UK but it was a huge dance hit across Europe. Robbie actually has a house in Ibiza. I’m rather jealous of him.


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